FAST Missions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I learn to memorize Scripture?
A. Visit the FAST Missions online school and start with the Crash Course. Then, consider joining one of the other online team-based discipleship classes like the Survival Kit.

Q. How much does SwordScript cost?
A. It's FREE. If we can help you be successful in internalizing God's Word, then that is payment enough. If you have been blessed by this software, please prayerfully consider making a contribution to our partner, FAST Missions.

Q. What are the software requirements to run SwordScript?
A. Windows XP/Vista/7 and the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or above.

Q. SwordScript crashed, what do I do?
A. Submit a bug report describing what you were doing when it crashed. It will be most helpful if you can give the exact steps that will cause a crash.

Q. Hmm - I'd like NKJV or NIV. Why aren't they listed?
A. The versions available for SwordScript are in the public domain and can be freely copied. Most newer versions are under copyright and cannot be used in their entirety without express permission from the copyright holder. I have submitted requests for both of these.

09/14/10: Biblica declined our request for a license to make the NIV available within SwordScript.

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